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Some of the important ways we believe that mental health is
accentuated by the process have been given. They include using
genealogy as a process of satisfying some inner longings,
curiosities, or achievement.
Your world becomes enlarged as you meet new friends and as
you rediscover relatives that you have not contacted for a long
It is an opportunity to understand more of what your ancestors
endured and enjoyed in their day. The search helps us to see the
importance of family yesterday and yet today for support,
respect, and love.
An understanding of our own makeup will help us to cope with
this frustrating experience of not being able to put all the pieces
together as quickly as we would like.
A search gives us a chance to study human nature over a period
of time. We all continue to have frustrating and impatient
moments as did our ancestors. The lesson of the moment for us
is to find ways to deal with frustrations realizing that much of our
life does not fall into place when, where, and how we would want
I met so many generous people who as strangers were ready
and willing to be of assistance. For me, the process itself came to
be good therapy when I could not continue in my usual
occupation and was in the need of a good hobby.
Genealogy is an encouragement to make the most of the present
situation, for you may be entertaining unawares someone with
whom you share a common ancestor.
Researching our beginnings is a great way to see how we fit into
the grand scheme of things and the importance of an extended
It can be a wonderful opportunity to deal with the imperfections
of our humanity, the skeletons in the closet that need not
reflect upon our own character.
Also, it is a good opportunity to come to terms with our own
demise as well as our legacy to future generations.
Genealogy is like driving down the road. It is important to keep
your eyes focused on the road ahead. Family searches teach us
that it is also important to take a look in the rear view mirror
occasionally, an experience that is absolutely necessary for a
safe trip. Looking ahead and at once glancing back gives one a
satisfactory journey.
Rear view mirrors are for the using.
A BACKWARD OUTLOOK,  remembering our roots
Going beyond data to mental health issues within an ancestral search
Not just a long list of people and data
unrelated to the story as one critic thought.  
Ask yourself as you read, "How do I relate to
my ancestors and what feelings are
conjured up as I think seriously about the
journey of my own searching for meaning
from the past."